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Emergency repair methods of automotive fuel pump failure
Hits:5299         Date:2013-12-24
Car fuel pump, rocker outside the gap is too big
(1) including, packing gasket between the outer arm. Gaskets are available metal, copper, wire, cotter pins, etc. made ​​into a semicircle "factory" shape. For the installation, there is a certain gap between the outer arm and wrapped gasket to prevent falls.
(2) examine the appropriateness of gasket thickness cylinder petrol pump on hand extends into the mounting hole, and slowly turn the engine crankshaft manually, to be on hand to touch eccentric cam driven fuel pump inside the tip toward the position that does not pump oil when the fuel pump installed (pre-mounted fuel pump and cylinder liner between good). Fuel pump mounted on the fastening bolts and screwed into a little hand to promote the fuel pump to the cylinder considerate together, then relax again, this time from the suction pressure if the role description gasket is too thick, should be adjusted.
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Add:A3,Haian Western IndustryZone.Tangxia Town,Ruian City,Zhejiang Province Tel:86-0577-65637208 Fax:86-0577-65637208