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Structural forms of automotive fuel pump
Hits:5330         Date:2013-12-24
EFI fuel pump to the delivery of high-pressure fuel pipe to ensure continuous supply of fuel to the injectors .
Fuel pump and the engine running when you start work when the engine is stopped and the ignition switch remains ON, HFM-SFI turn off the fuel pump control module 's power to prevent accidental ignition .
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Fuel pump located inside the fuel tank of the vehicle
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Fuel pump by an electric motor , pressure limiter , check valve structure, the electric fuel pump motor the actual work of the shell , do not worry , because the shell will not be any ignition stuff , fuel oil can lubricate and cool the motor , the oil port Department equipped with check valves, pressure limiter is located in the pressure side of the pump housing with access to the inlet channel.
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ZYB type ignition booster fuel pump for conveying diesel, heavy oil , residual oil, fuel oil and other media, especially for road and bridge projects in the burner mixing station fuel pump , is the ideal product to replace imported products . ZYB type supercharger fuel pump NA transport highly volatile or low flash point of liquids , such as ammonia, benzene. When the rotor disk rotates , the rollers are pressed outward centrifugal force , like the rotation of the seal , as the rotor rotates, the pump works , inhalation of fuel from the inlet and outlet ports of the fuel from the fuel system pushed , turn off the pump when the check the oil outlet valve closed , preventing the fuel back into the tank through the fuel pump , fuel line pressure check valve is maintained as " residual pressure ."
The maximum pump oil pressure fuel pump depends on the pressure limiter standard, if the fuel pump pressure exceeds a predetermined pressure limit , the pressure limiter will open bypass the fuel back into the fuel pump inlet .
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