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EFI fuel pump at a reasonable match can effectively improve the efficiency of case
Hits:4882         Date:2013-12-24
EFI fuel pump to meet the diverse requirements of customers in terms of product mix is very flexible and can handle a variety of substrates. In addition to 80 grams focusing 200g / ㎡ paper and card, the electric fuel pump can also use the 4 mm thick corrugated cardboard, paper processing equipment with a small margin, you can even processing format of 400 × 360 mm paper .
Fully automatic operation, higher yields and less with time. You can greatly reduce preparation time, because it has a variety of automated features and additional equipment, such as fuel pumps and tools trimming quick locking device. After EFI tools and equipment ready to use lightweight materials, archived at the fuel pump with the help of interchangeable. This can be achieved standardized processes.
Highly automated modern electric fuel pump means that it can also be used to deal with cost-effective short board work. It is this flexibility in the choice of production to ensure excellent reliability and flexibility, and to customer satisfaction.
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Add:A3,Haian Western IndustryZone.Tangxia Town,Ruian City,Zhejiang Province Tel:86-0577-65637208 Fax:86-0577-65637208