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Pump assembly and disassembly method
Hits:5058         Date:2013-12-24
Automotive fuel pump demolition method and installation as follows :
( A ) pump disassembly sequence
1 , unscrew the plug and put the tube of the pump bearing frame tubing put on the block, put the oil deposits in the net and the bearing frame pump liquid reservoir chamber. If the seal piping outside priming , should be removed .
2 , open the pump and bracket screw connection Gui . Remove the bearing frame components (in this split should be preceded by a lengthening of the coupling intermediate connector ) from the pump body .
3 , loosen the wheel nuts, remove the chuck, impeller and key.
4 , together with the pump cover sleeve , mechanical seals and other assembly together cover is removed from the shaft , and you should pay attention not to the relative sliding sleeve and the Order of the cover. Then put the mechanical seal cover open , remove the mechanical seal sleeve along together , then open the sleeve and mechanical seal . If it is soft packing seal , can start to remove the pump cover sleeve . By removing the gland and then fill Branch , fillers and filler ring. Special mechanical seal structure , pay attention to their different disassembly methods.
5 Remove the legs and pump coupling and key.
6 Remove the bracket around the gland ring and bearing anti-acid , along with rack and then removed from the bearing shaft together with the bearing .
7 , open bearings and shaft
(B ) a pump assembly
Assembly sequence can be carried out in accordance with the pump is basically the reverse order of disassembly . But pay attention to check the mounting gasket sealing surfaces should be intact , and careful not to drain installation gaskets and gasket replacement good finish .
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